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The Calgary Triathlon Club will coincide with the facility opening in the fall of 2009

$49 guarantees your spot... Pays for your first month... And it is fully refundable.

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Check out our Triathlon bootcamps running almost daily from 6 am - 9 am
The Calgary Triathlon Clubs inaugural season begins this fall and is for triathletes new to the sport. Coached sessions available daily, personal training programs. Help and advice from experienced triathletes as well as extended endurance camps included with membership. If you are looking to get started in triathlon and want a great group to train with, the Calgary Triathlon Club is for you.

  • Swimming
  • Biking
  • Running
  • Form improvement
  • Brick workouts
  • Extended endurance sessions

The Calgary Triathlon Club is sponsored by Calgary Triathlon. If you are new to the sport, this would be a good start. It is a new club, however, it is also built by people experienced in the sport. Triathlon clubs fill up quickly, and Calgary is growing. The need for a triathlon and endurance club that focuses on endurance and performance but also form and efficiency for new triathletes has been here for a long time. It doesn't matter where your current fitness levels are, this is a good place to start.

Membership starts at $99.00 per month per person.

Friend and family discounts are available if you register together.

Training available every day!
Training sessions are available seven days a week. You choose the times that work best for you and attend when you can. Homework sessions are also designed for you personally based on your schedule and goals.

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